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New Membership Application - Individual, household or Associated

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Three categories of membership exist:Full Single (one vote), Full Household (two votes), both include newsletters and educational opportunities.Associate membership includes newsletter only – no votes.

I (we) hereby apply for membership in the Continental Divide herding Association (CDHA) and as a member, agree to abide by the constitution and the by-laws, standing rules, and procedures of CDHA. Further, I (we) hold CDHA, its membership, officers, directors and appointees harmless from any claim for loss or injury of any types whatsoever, alleged to have been caused, directly or indirectly, through negligence or any other cause, to myself, my dog(s), my property, my family members, my guests or invitees as a result of my participation in or attendance at any function sponsored by CDHA at any location.I personally assume all responsibility for any such claim(s), and further assume full liability and responsibility and agree to pay for any and all damage caused by myself, my dog(s), my family members, my guests or invitees to any and all property, member(s), dog(s), livestock or any other persons at any function sponsored by CDHA. By completing this application you are agreeing to the terms above.

Two sponsors who are currently CDHA members in good standing should sign your application.If you do not know two members, submit your application with the sponsor signature lines left blank.Your membership will be voted on at the next bi-monthly membership meeting following the publication of your name(s) in the CDHA newsletter.

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